What I'm Lovin' Wednesday - Picture Edition

3/16/2011 07:03:00 AM

This week has just FLOWN by!  I am not sure what is going on bu I feel like I'm about 2 hours behind all the time.  I think it was the time change (Damn Daylight Savings) but I also think it's just that there aren't enough hours in my day anyway.  Yesterday, I ended up being late getting both of my classes dismissed.  I also was 5 minutes late for the twins' doctor appointment this morning and I mailed my PaperbackSwap books a day late . . . it's just been that kind of week.

I thought I would use my What I'm Lovin' Wednesday post to just share some pictures I have been snapping with my new camera.  I am REALLY loving my camera.  It's a Nikon D5000 and I am really starting to learn how to use a lot of the features.  I'll try to add some that my FB pals haven' seen yet, too!  Although, I'm loving sharing pic on FB these days, too!

Nate has he most beautiful eyes and light, soft skin...

David's new thing is feeding himself - he won't let me feed him at all anymore!

Nate showing off his muscles!

Dean's face ALWAYS has something on it...in this case it's Chocolate Chip Cookie

Dean recently noticed his belly button...is that diaper full or what!?!

Danika loved spending a little time outside on Monday!

Then she was all tuckered out!

SUCH a Daddy's girl...

Relaxing in the big red chair.

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