Almost 6 months ago

4/09/2011 07:12:00 AM

In a few short days (on the 11th) it will be 6 months since Memaw left us.   I remember waiting for the call that she had passed on and I remember the mixed emotions of relief and sadness that came with the call.

We sat waiting for a similar call last night and it came around 12:45 AM...Jerry's dad's mother who we also call Memaw, had passed away.  We knew that she wasn't doing well from a phone call we received in the early, we waited.  Every time the phone rang we jumped a little.  When the call finally came we felt that similar relief and sadness that we had 6 months ago.

I will be completely honest with you and say that I did not know Memaw K as well as I knew Memaw N.  I know that the first time I met Memaw K was at a family reunion.   I remember her telling me about a movie she watched when she was younger that she LOVED.  She told me that the main female character's name was Janene and that was why she would never forget my name.  She said that she actually stayed and watched the movie twice and her mother was so angry with her because she didn't know where she was all day.  She told me that same story several times in the 13 years I've been with Jerry and for the life of me I can't remember the name of the movie...

I also remember her telling me about going to Hawaii with her husband.  Jerry would cut the grass at her house and a few times I took the kids out there to see her.  She told me all about how wonderful Hawaii was and that Jerry and I should definitely make the time to go someday.

One of the funniest memories I have of Memaw is the second time I met her...she really didn't know who I was and I was talking to her daughter about the wedding.  Memaw asked, "When are you getting married, honey?"  I told her I was getting married in June and she replied with, "My grandson is getting married in June!"  I chuckled and told her, "I hope so because that's who I'm planning on marrying!"

We are preparing for a long, sad week.  I really hate this time in before the whole viewing and funeral.. When you are there, you know how to act but going on with life as usual while you are waiting for that time just seems wrong.  It seems like there should be something else to do or that you should be able to just stop everything from needing done.  I know that I'll be busy finding babysitters and picking out clothes and making sure we are where we need to be doing what we are suppose to be doing.  In the meantime, I'll be taking care of little ones that wouldn't be here if this woman hadn't lived the life that she lived.  I think that's probably a pretty good way to honor and remember her.

Danika and the Memaws

This is a pic of Danika with both Memaws - Memaw K on the left and Memaw N on the right.  I just LOVE this picture.

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