How I Spent My Sunday

4/10/2011 08:23:00 PM

First of all, thank you all for your kind thoughts and words about the loss of Memaw K.  My husband and I both truly appreciate them.  Tomorrow we will go to the funeral home and the funeral will be on Tuesday morning.

I had planned on getting stuff done today because the weather was finally suppose to be nice and I figured that Jerry could take the "big kids" outside while I entertained the little guys with my dusting moves.  However, life had other plans for us - I'm learning quickly that it usually does.

On Saturday, my mom and dad took Nate, Danika and their cousin, Angelina, to the circus.  They had a blast.  They LOVED seeing all the animals and Spiderman was even there!  They even had a chance to ride a pony before they left.  They came home with toys, pictures and cotton candy!  Unfortunately, Danika also came home with a wheeze in her chest and an annoying cough.  She's had coughs like that before but this one seemed worse than all the others.  We watched her overnight and when she woke up with the wheeze still there, we called her PCP and she sent us down to Children's Hospital.

Dankia making faces at me in the waiting room at Children's
Smiling from the other side of the bubble wall
Every time that Jerry and I have gone to Children's (this was the 3rd time to the ER) we always feel like they are better as soon as we walk in the door.  I mean, this doesn't look like a child who is breathing funny, does it?  So we were worried we had made the trip for nothing but also kind of relieved that it may mean a short visit!  Wrong.

She didn't have a fever but her blood pressure wasn't all that great and when the doctor listened to her breathing she commented, "Yep, she has a wheeze.  Let's get her a breathing treatment.  It doesn't sound too bad so I think one treatment and you will be able to leave."  .

I'm pretty sure I'm going to ask all doctors from now on not to give me a time frame unless I specifically ask for one because 2 breathing treatments, 2 doses of steroids, 1 dose of zofran and quite a few little buckets dumped into the sink and we were still there.

How cute is this dinosaur mask?  She loved it the first time - not so much the second.
We ended up spending about 8 hours in the ER.  Danika and I spent 8 hours in the ER but Jerry came home to take care of the rest of the kiddos.  Luckily, a good friend of ours came down to pick him up.  Once the doctor started using the words "hour" and "then we will see", I told Jerry to try to find someone to come and pick him up.  I had a feeling we were in for a longer day than we expected.

To be honest with you, we would have been able to leave earlier but she kept getting sick and the doctor was afraid she would dehydrate and we would end up having to come back down.  The IV scared the crap out of me but she was a real trooper.

She was also a trooper when she puked in her little pink pan on the way home in the car and held the pan until I could take it and dump it.  Then she puked during our stop at the grocery store to get her some clear liquids and me a salad for dinner.  She hasn't puked since then, though (knock on wood).  They didn't give me an official diagnosis but they think it is asthma (which I know very little about)

Now I have to make a doctor's appointment tomorrow and wake her up every 4 hours for a dose of her's going to be a long night and a longer week!  But I have to admit it was kind of nice spending time with my girl today...even if she wasn't feeling great.  :)

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