Saturday, April 2, 2011

I will ALWAYS think of Bill

I can't help it. Any time I make a cake I sing the , "Dad is great. Give us the Chocolate Cake." song. Like the WHOLE time I am making the cake. Then some more when I am eating the cake. And when I'm wrapping up the leftovers, I think about the fact that I can eat Chocolate Cake for breakfast and no one will say anything to me.

Yesterday, I made this cake:

My birthday isn't until Wednesday.  We weren't celebrating anything .  But man, oh, man did the chocolate taste yummy.  The kids all thought so, too!

You know what, though - they didn't want any for breakfast.  Silly kids.  I was totally going to give them chocolate cake for breakfast and teach them the song (but substitute Mom for Dad) and we were going to laugh and giggle and have a sugar rush first thing this morning.  But kids wanted bananas and flapjacks.  So, I gave them all bananas and microwaved some pancakes.  Then I sat my butt down with a big piece of chocolate cake and sang quietly to myself, "I am great...eating the chocolate cake."

It was still really yummy - and tasted delicious with my Swiss Chocolate Almond coffee.  :)