Preparing for a month of SLACKERITIS

4/27/2011 08:56:00 PM

Of course, if you went to my High School, you would also know this time of year as the time when so many of us developed, Senioritis...basically, why bother because nothing we do in the next month or so is going to change anything (and it's almost summer) so let's get this boat moving!

Yep.  I am currently suffering from this dreaded "spring" affliction.  I'm ready for summer.

It doesn't help matters that I had an entire week and a half off of school or that we had at least 2 decent days to play outside during that time.  It also doesn't help that we've been staying up later and sleeping in longer.  It doesn't help that I started putting away the winter clothes and getting summer stuff out and that I already have a mini countdown going on for how many days I have left to teach.  It also isn't at all helping that I've gone through my calendar for May and have already penciled some things in for June.  I've basically already skipped May - although, it is going to be a SUPER, CRAZY, BUSY month.

I feel like screaming to myself that I need to slow down - but I'm in a hurry to slow down...that's why I'm in a hurry for those Lazy Days of Summer!  I can't wait to be able to take the kids outside for most of the day and not worry about bedtimes or what time we have to wake up.  I can't wait until I can do nothing for a few days and not feel at all like I'm behind or missing something.

I did a lot in the week and a half that I was off but I'm not even close to having everything done that I wanted to get done.  We had fun, was a great preview of what's to come - here's hoping that the next month goes just fast enough for me to get to those Lazy Days but slow enough that I get everything done and don't miss out on the important things along the way!  Now I better get my butt to bed because tomorrow is going to be ROUGH!!!

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