Because I Don't Like to Complain

4/21/2011 07:16:00 AM

I was going to blog yesterday...but I don't like to complain and that was all I felt like doing.  Last week was probably the most stressful week of my life to date.  I know that there are a lot of stressful weeks in my future but last week really had me thinking, "How much more can I take?"  Even with taking a day off and staying home, I was at the end of my rope!

But - I don't want to complain about it on my blog.  After all, who the heck wants to listen to that?  I know what you all want - I do!  How about some pictures of the fun things that happened this weekend?  So much better than hearing me complain about how stressful things were, right?  :)

NAte and Debo  )

Nate and Debo the Clown

Nate and Nicholas

Nate and his buddy, Nicholas

Dean and Mama

Me and Dean


Nate and Danika with the Bunny


As close as Dean and David would get

Aunt Anita and Danika

My Aunt Anita with Danika reading a book

Story time

Nate looking at the book, too.


Love this!


Big Kisses to you All ~ if you didn't enter my contest yet, you should head on over there and enter :) Pretty please! hehehe

Have a wonderful day and Hoppy Easter if I don't get on to blog again before then!

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