Dear famous person reading this . . .

11/04/2011 10:22:00 AM

I really don't watch too much entertainment news.  It depresses me.  Like most people in my "situation", money is an issue right now.

By my situation I mean

  • One full-time income
  • 4 small children
  • One part-time income that is done for the love of the job and definitely NOT the money
  • Credit Card Bills
  • Mortgage
  • 2 Car Payments
  • Utilities and Groceries
We get by but we could definitely use some help.  

Since I don't watch entertainment news, I don't have to hear all about what the more monetarily fortunate people in the world are spending their extra money on these days. I feel better not knowing.

However, I do have to get in my car and go somewhere every once in a while.  Like this morning when I dropped Nate off at the bus stop . . . I drove because the boys still aren't feeling great.  I heard a little blurb about Kim Kardashian's engagement ring and how her soon to be ex-husband wants it back.  I knew it was expensive. . . I'd probably want it back, too.  

As a side note:  I really, really hope that the whole Kardashian clan is more sensitive and human in person and when the cameras are off . . . because the little I have seen of them on TV frightens me.  They are so . . . so . . . wrapped up in things that don't really matter?  Why do they even have all this popularity and money and such?  I guess I should look into it if I'm interested but I'm not that interested.  

All I have to say is, if she wants to tick her soon-to-be-ex off, I would be MORE than willing to take that $2 MILLION dollar ring off of her hands...I have big plans for that money!!!  (like a house with a second bathroom . . . you should have heard the fighting between the 5 and 4 year old this morning.  Ugh)

It's funny - but sometimes when I'm writing a blog post (or after I've finished) I think about someone famous, like Oprah or Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, reading it and commenting to someone in the room, "I think I will come home from vacation a day early so that this nice family of 6 can pay off their credit cards, car payments, get a new house and send their 4 children to college.  Just write them a check and will do it Publisher Clearing House style..."

Don't get me wrong.  I know that the Pitt/Jolie clan gives a ton of money to charities and Oprah does wonderful things for others.  (Which is probably why they come to mind!!!)  With as much money as they have, there are also a lot of pressures.  I know there have to be insane expenses that come along with their lifestyles.  I know that there are probably plenty of people who take advantage of them and their financial situation.  Plus, I also know that money like that isn't going to just fall into my lap.  I need to earn it - they earn it.  

I doubt I would trade lives with them.  

Bank accounts?  


I'd trade bank accounts with them but not lives.

I don't think I could do their jobs. 

The only performing I'm any good at is reading picture books with a great deal of inflection in my voice and singing "The Wheels on the Bus" slightly off key but with the best hand motions.  

I get paid in smile and hugs.  

When I'm old, I'm sure looking back on those smiles and hugs will make me much happier than a $2 Million Dollar Engagement ring sitting in a jewelry box collecting dust.

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