Locks of Love - First Major Haircut

11/02/2011 07:34:00 AM

It started out as a threat that backfired.

"Danika Rae, if you don't stop your whining and crying until I'm done brushing your hair I'm taking you to get it all chopped off!!!"

"Okay, Mommy.  I want a haircut like you..." She actually sniffed a little and looked at me with her big brown eyes when she said this - so, I knew I was done for and she was finally going to get her haircut.

Now, with my boys I don't have a problem just shaving their heads because soon enough they will have enough hair back on their head to not look too goofy.  With Danika, though, I figured that I'd better call in a professional because there is NO WAY I was going to even attempt a trim, let alone a major haircut like this one!!!

The before shot - she had never had a "real" haircut, just a trim

Pulled back and ready to go - we decided on taking 11 inches off
She looks a little nervous as Amy starts the cutting

Here she is holding her ponytail that was just on her head

Finished product
Such a cutie

She only cried once last night before going to bed and told me that she wanted me to put her hair back on.  However, I know she understands that isn't possible.  I think she was just overtired and when she is overtired she finds the most ridiculous things to whine about . . . actually, she will whine about ANYTHING when she is overtired.

She was VERY excited to go to school today and show off her new do.  I've already heard that she's telling people not to worry . . . it'll grow back.  :)

I know I'm going to miss the long hair a bit because it was so cute and she always looked adorable BUT I'm not going to miss the fighting and crying and tears.  I would rather her be happy and she still looks cute, just a little more grown up than before.  And . . . it'll grow back!  hehehe

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