Prepping for the Big Day

11/12/2011 10:08:00 AM

Tomorrow will be my 3rd time spending a day at my friend Christine's house following Once a Month Mom's Once a Month Cooking menu.  I am excited for a few reasons and already kind of tired thinking about it.

I'm excited because -

  1.  I get to spend all day with Christine and her Family.  :)  I love that her girls know the house is going to be filled with music and good smells when I come over!  Her husband, Jim, is always so nice to me, too . . . not that we get to talk much but he is a big help when I have to lug everything back to the car at the end of the day - he also is the one who makes sure we take breaks to eat something so we don't fall over.
  2. I get to try new things - I get to learn how to do new things in the kitchen.  Each month, I've learned something new and I'm sure that next month won't be an exception!  We are making Granola Bars!!!!  I've never done that before!
  3. I get to stock up my freezer with new meals.  I've been enjoying the things that we have but I will say that by the time our next cooking day rolls around I am ready to try some new stuff.  I still have some stuff from September (only 1 frozen Baked Ziti) and some from October in the freezer. It will be nice to be able to add some new stuff to the menu, though.
  4. I'm also excited that I get a break from my kids.  I know . . . what a horrible thing to say . . . but this week I only worked one day.  So, I've been at home with them since Wednesday - with the exception of the 2 hours that I went grocery shopping with Jerry last night.  I need a break.  It will also make Monday so much easier to deal with.
If I had to complain - which is SO hard for me to do (please note the sarcasm there) - here are the things I'm not looking forward to -

  1. Packing the car.  I leave pretty early in the morning (early for me, at least) - so I end up packing a lot of things the night before and then grabbing any fresh stuff in the morning.  It's like packing to go on a vacation once a month.  There is SO much stuff!  I will have to take a picture to share with you tomorrow.
  2. Unpacking the car.  I always feel like I'm moving in when Christine comes down and helps me make 4 or 5 trips up and down the steps to bring things into her kitchen.
  3. Standing all day.  It can't be avoided...we have to do a lot of standing and moving around the kitchen.  Last month, I didn't wear my shoes.  This month I think I'm going to in hopes that my hips feel better the next day this time than they did last time.
  4. Doing dishes . . . we both do dishes ALL DAY LONG.  It's another unavoidable consequence of cooking all day but UGH.  I hate doing dishes but I can only imagine what Christine's kitchen would look like if we didn't keep up with them!
  5. Packing up again to go home and then unpacking once I get home...this is probably the only reason I wish we could do it in my kitchen.  My kitchen just wouldn't work, though, and I'm extremely grateful that Christine lets us do this at her place.  I wish she lived next door, though - wait, I wish I lived next door to would make this whole process a lot easier! 
Don't get me wrong . . . it's worth it!  Totally worth it!!! I just didn't want you to think it was all butterflies and sunshine.  It has it's hard parts, too.  :)

Anyway - I'm sure that tomorrow will be a beautiful weather day . . . because it is always beautiful on our cooking days!  I have something ready for Jerry to throw in the crock pot in the morning so his dinner is taken care of and I'm taking something to Christine's for us to throw in the crock pot for our dinner - actually, we are all eating the same thing tomorrow because I had 2 of them in my freezer!

Wish me luck . . . Tomorrow may turn out the be the most challenging day to get a blog post in so far!!!

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