Menu Plan Monday - Back on Track!

2/07/2011 06:06:00 AM

So - last night kind of a Pittsburgh girl, I was disappointed in my team.  The truth is, they really didn't play Super bowl quality football.  They played like it wasn't as important a game as it really was - they played like it was a regular season football game.  Still, I'm proud they made it as far as they did.  :)

Oh - and the commercials...they stunk.  The only one I even remotely liked was this one:

It could be because my Nate is a huge Star Wars fan and laughed his butt off when he saw it!

*This article...made me love this commercial even more!!!  Thanks for sharing, Anthony!

Anyway ~ on to why you are menu for this week!

I'm linking up at - if you want to find more menu ideas head on over!

I actually planned Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner this week!!  Here you go -

     Monday ~ Cereal (I bought Fruit Loops yesterday and the kids LOVE Fruit Loops!)
     Tuesday ~ Oatmeal and Yogurt
     Wednesday ~ Pumpkin Pancakes and Fruit  - I will probably make the batter the night before
     Thursday ~ Nana's House (this is the easiest day to plan!)
     Friday ~ Oatmeal and Fruit
     Saturday ~ Eggs and Toast

     Monday ~ Scrambled Eggs with Cheese, Fruit or Yogurt
     Tuesday ~ Grilled Cheese and Fruit
     Wednesday ~ Hot Dogs wrapped in Crescents, Apple Sauce
     Thursday ~ Nana's House!
     Friday ~ PB&J, Chips, Fruit
     Saturday ~ Mac and Cheese with Peas

     Monday ~ Easy Fish Fillets with Garlic Bread and Mixed Veggies
     Tuesday ~ Pizza Pasta Casserole and Salad
     Wednesday ~ Turkey Chowder and Corn Bread
      (I LOVE this recipe.  I got it from my friend over at What Little Girls are Made Of...let me know if you 
     want the recipe  :)
     Thursday ~ Leftovers or Nana's House
     Friday ~ Stuffed Pepper Casserole
     Saturday ~ World's Best Lasagna (this is a time consuming recipe...but SO worth it!)

There you have it!  Sounds like a yummy week, right?  :)

I am probably most looking forward to the Turkey Chowder and Lasagna!  :)

Hope you have an awesome week!  GO PENS!  hehehe

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