52 Weeks #5

2/04/2011 06:15:00 AM

I'm getting organized with Organizing Junkie!
My husband thinks I'm crazy.  I'm pretty sure he has thought that for a while but I gave him some extra ammo last night.  You see ~ it's been a really rough week for me.  It started last Saturday after Danika's party and has been getting worse and worse as the week goes on.  Yesterday was the first day I was really feeling even close to normal again.  I did go to the doctor's on Wednesday to see what he had to say - getting some blood work done tomorrow to make sure everything is okay, but he thinks it's probably a virus or reaction to the antibiotics I took a little over a week ago.  Anyway, that's not what I want to write about.  I want to write about how the way I was feeling this week made it really tough for me to get any organizing done...so, last night on the way home from my MIL's house I panicked because I had no post for today!!!

Here comes the part where my husband think's I'm crazy - I put the kids to bed and then cleaned off my dresser.  It was after 8pm and I was taking pictures and going through things and throwing things away.  He came upstairs just to make sure I was okay because I never clean at night.  :)

Here are my before and after pics - as you can see, I picked something that would be easy to notice even a little change in.  I don't know exactly how it gets like this...but I always feel so much better when it is neat.  I even sleep better!

Before - yes...there is the top of a dresser under there!

You won't see half of this stuff in the after because I THREW IT AWAY!!!

Ahhh ~ isn't that better?

Top - cords, next - misc., next - deodorant and samples, last - hair stuff. 

I LOVE my Caboodle.  I even organized the inside of it...but didn't take a picture.  :)
There you have it.  My last minute organizing project for this week.  You know what?  Having a clean dresser really really makes me want to attack the rest of my bedroom today!  I just might make the time to head up there and try going through some other areas!  :)

Oh ~ and Org Junkie did give us some thoughts to ponder...I thought I would mention one reason I want to get organized...actually, here's my top 5.

1) I feel more peaceful when the house is organized

2) I HATE not knowing where things are and spending more than 2 minutes looking for something.

3) I want to lead a more simple life with less stuff - if that is possible with 4 kids - and organizing will help me to really think about what I need and what is just taking up space.

4) I want my husband to feel relaxed when he is home and less clutter and a happy wife will help that to happen.

5) I want to be proud of my house...not frantic that someone is going to stop by unannounced and think, "How can she live like this?"  (Even though it isn't that bad and I'm probably the only one who thinks that - everyone else is thinking, "How does she do this?"  I get that a lot!)

Can't wait to see the other organizing projects this week!  Head on over to orgjunkie.com and check them out, too!

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