52 Weeks #7

2/18/2011 06:24:00 AM

My kitchen is small.  I have a lot of little cabinets but no place to store really big items and it's difficult to put all the same things in one place (for example all of the food in one cupboard and all of the pots and pans in another) so it's spread out and I do a lot of opening and closing cabinets to remind myself where I put something.  Not to mention, I switch thing around on a regular basis because I just haven't found a spot that I really like for things.  HOWEVER - I was actually really happy with how things turned out when I hit 2 of the cabinets this week and got them under control.  I think I'll be hitting 2 more next week!  I LOVE when things don't fall out when I open the doors!



 I'm linking up over at I'm an Organizing Junkie!  :)  Come see some inspiring Before and After pictures and get some motivation for a project you are trying to tackle!  

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