It's HERE!!!

2/23/2011 08:50:00 PM

Guess what the UPS guy dropped off at my house today?

I had a REALLY hard time waiting until I had time to open the box and go through it.  I was planning on vlogging about it (I've never done one and I thought this would be an easy way to give it a shot - lots of things to talk about) but Danika insisted on holding the camera and when I would show her something from the box - wanting her to record it - she would move the camera to the side so she could look at it while I talked.  The footage is definitely keep worthy for entertainment value - but not vlog worthy.

So ~ you will have to see the contents of my box in step by step pictures.

The box - of course - which is actually going to be a nice box to keep all my materials in and away from little hands.

Right inside the box is a sheet that tells you what should be in your box, some tips and ideas on getting started and sticking to it, as well as a little note from Becky.  I love that she says that Project Life will not only help you preserve your memories but it will also help you, "...become more keenly aware of the blessings in your life."  

Then we have the binder!  I decided on the Turquoise Edition because it seemed more my style - I'm not a flowery person and the Amber Edition was kind of flowery.

Then came the little boxes - which really are made well - with the cards.  There are Larger Date cards, filler cards and journaling cards.  There are also cards for the first and last page of your project.

Here's all the contents of the box.  You will see the photo pocket pages and monthly bookmarks on the right and the extra cardstock for whatever you want to use it for spread out on the left.  I also forgot to take a picture or mention the date stamp and date stickers that are in the bigger little box.  

This was the first problem I noticed with my kit.  There are protective covers on these bookmarks - but mine was actually scratched on the other side.  I'm not super upset about it, though.  It isn't that noticeable.

There were 2 photo pocket pages that had the hole punch in the wrong place.  Can you see how much it hangs over?  I'm going to try to make it work somehow or maybe I'll just order an extra set of the photo pocket pages.

Other than those two minor things, the kit is pretty awesome.  It is going to take a while for me to get use to moving the pages a few at a time.  If I try to move them all at once, the bottom binder ring lets a few slip out - it's kind of a pain to fight to get them back on but I think turning one or three pages at a time will make it happen less often.
First page in the book - all put together

Last page in the book - all put together

Here are all the cards I stuck in the book already.  I figured if I have these in already, then I only have to add the pictures and little journal cards.  The rest will already be done.  One less thing to do later!

Now I just have to wait for the pictures I sent to Snapfish to show up!

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