Close to Perfect

2/23/2011 10:48:00 AM

I'll be honest with you - it's been a while since I had a day where I was pretty much happy the WHOLE day!  Aside from thinking I may have to go to work for the first half hour I was awake (for some reason the school district in question waited until the LAST possible minute to cancel), it was a GREAT day!

Here's some pictures:

Sleepy Twins

Tired Gal

In case you were wondering - yes, I've discovered Picnik and am LOVING it!  :)

So to recap - I got the call at around 7:30 am that we were not having school and I would not have to go into work.  Jerry was off already (because he is off on Tuesdays) and we had a little extra money laying around - not like we couldn't have done something MUCH more responsible with it.  We didn't blow it all . . . but we did blow about half of it.  It was on things that we will use and that we needed but it was more shopping than we have done in a while - considering that we have been really trying to stick to a budget.

So ~ we did what any family of 6 would do if they had been stuck in the house since Friday and didn't feel like playing in the snow.  We went to the mall.  :)

We ended up getting Crocs for Jerry, Nate, Danika and I - Danika got some really cute Jibbitz, too.  She got this 3D Dora and a 3D flower (pink Crocs, of course).  Nate got a Spiderman one and a blue car (red Crocs, of course).

Jerry has needed new scrubs forever - so I told him he was not allowed to leave the scrub store until he bought at the very least 1 pair.  Then, we went to the Sleep Number store to try out mattresses.  We didn't end up buying anything, but we are considering it.  Suggestions welcome!

We bought my nephew his birthday present and the kids ended up getting these annoying foam swords.  I told them they could pick something out if they were good and the swords may not have been my first choice, but at least we didn't end up spending a ton of money!

After our trip to the mall, we dropped the "big" kids off at CCD and I headed out with my Mommy Group friends for a yummy dinner, dessert and coffee.  We always have a great time together, and last night was no exception.  If I'm being completely honest, I may have had a little bit of a buzz!  I had 2 glasses of wine with dinner - which normally wouldn't do anything but I hadn't had much to eat so it didn't take much.  I wasn't driving (my DD is prego so I knew I was good!) and it had been a while since I'd been that relaxed!  I also enjoyed a cup of Campfire Mocha from Caribou Coffee.  Perfect end to close to perfect day.

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