To my little Diva in Training

1/27/2011 05:34:00 PM

 It was bound to happen ~ because she has 3 brothers, I was bound to have a little Diva on my hand.  That is not to say that she can't handle herself...because she can...but my, oh my, am I in trouble.

Today my little Diva turned 4.  You should have seen her face when Mrs. S put her birthday crown on at school.  She was beaming!  She was so excited to have the focus on her and be the center of attention on her special day at school.

We are celebrating with parties all weekend - but had donuts and cupcakes and sang at Nana's tonight anyway!  :)

Danika with Nate on their first day of school this year
Danika at her Christmas Party at school

Daddy's girl
Dear Danika,

     Today is your 4th birthday and I feel like I wrote you a letter just last night about your 3rd birthday!  You have grown so much in the last year and continue to amaze me.  You have become such a little lady and would wear dresses 24/7 if I let you.  You would also start wearing make-up and probably be the one to drag me out the door to get our hair done and mani/pedis!  I look forward to those days ~ but I'm also enjoying the right now, where Mommy taking 10 minutes to paint your nails means you are the perfect little princess.

     You are an amazing big sister.  You are always looking out for your little brothers and hate to hear them cry or be upset.  You are the first one to try to calm them down and always ask me if they are okay even after they have stopped crying.  

     You are also an amazing little sister.  I can't believe how you put up with Nate sometimes.  He can push your buttons for sure - but you always go right back to giving him that unconditional love and forgiving him no matter what.  I hope that it is always that way!  

     I am looking forward to so many things that you will start to enjoy and be doing.  Nate is starting to get involved in things that Daddy likes - but I get to show you all the things I liked when I was little.  I was thrilled when you said you wanted to have a Strawberry Shortcake party because that is right out of my childhood!

     Your teachers all love you and tell me what a perfect angel you are in school.  They tell me all the time that you love to sing and I believe it because you taught your baby brother, Dean, how to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  When we had our parent/teacher conference with your teacher, she couldn't say enough good things about you and what a big help you are to your teachers.  

     You can be a handful at times when you are at home - but I would worry if you weren't.  I'm so glad you are who you are and I can't wait to continue on this journey with you to discover who you will become.

I love you,


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