Hello 2011

1/05/2011 06:52:00 AM

I can honestly that I had a really great New Year's Eve and a pretty uneventful New Year's Day.  Here's some pics of New Year's Eve - we didn't do anything New Year's Day because Dean was still miserable and sick.  I'm happy to report, though, that everyone seems to be healthy right now!

Hot Dogs and Sauerkraut ~ a New Year's tradition!

Midnight Mimosas 

Ready to make some noise!

Banging pots and pans while watching some fireworks with the neighbors!

Playing with Christmas Toys - waiting for the big moment

Daddy and Danika - Cathy took this picture.  Isn't it great?

She made it until 11:45 and then fell asleep on the couch!  The noise didn't even wake her up!

Now on to 2011!

I haven't really had time to think about 2011 as much as I would have liked.  I've been busy.  I know it's a typical excuse ~ but I forgot about getting ready for January in all of the celebrations.  I had to spend time writing lesson plans and planning menus and getting everything back to normal - or at least as normal as it gets around here!

Things are running pretty smoothly today and last night was a very productive evening when it came to getting rid of some clutter and organizing some toys!  I already know what I'm making for dinner tonight and my lessons are planned for tomorrow.  I'm thinking that I will have some time to contemplate some goals for 2011 today...maybe during nap time! 

The one thing that I know for sure that we will be working on is getting financially "healthy" so we can start planning a little more for our future and where we want to go.  I also want to work on being more organized.  I need to get a tad bit more specific in that area and plan on trying out a few things to see what works best and keeps me the most motivated.

The truth is, I'm not a resolutions person.  I almost always break them.  I do like to work on reaching goals, though.  With that in mind, I think I'm going to make a list of goals rather than a list of resolutions for 2011.  Stay tuned.  When I get time, I will let you know what they are...

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