Menu Plan Monday

1/24/2011 06:46:00 AM

Yesterday, I ventured out to a grocery store that I'm not use to going to because they had really good prices on meat.  I didn't want to go to 2 stores because I was kind of pressed for time (DH was headed to tailgate down at the stadium before the big game yesterday).  What a mistake!  I should have bought the meat from that store and then gone to my usual grocery store for the rest of the stuff I needed.  My trip was stressful.  The store was crowded.  I didn't know where things were and I ended up buying things I didn't need and not finding things I needed.  Ugh.  

Frustrating shopping trip aside, I did get what I needed for this week's dinners!  I also found out that they are selling Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer year round now!  How awesome is that!?!

Monday - Tasty Chicken with Mixed Veggies and Rice

Tuesday - Chicken Nibblers with Peas and Fries (This is Jerry's day to cook - gave him something easy)

Wednesday - Pork Chop Slow Cooker Casserole (I will be out this evening - PM conferences at school - so I thought I'd make it easy on Jerry, again.  I'm too good to him!  hehehe)

Thursday - Leftovers or Eat at Nana's

Friday - Pierogi Casserole with Salad

Saturday - Danika's first of two parties...this one is at our house!  Making Ham BBQ, 7 Layer Salad, Hot Dogs and Buffalo Shrimp (maybe)  along with snacks and such...oh, and cake!

Sunday - Danika's second party - at my SIL's with my niece who is turning, *gasp* 17!!!!  Wow...the reality of that just hit me.  Haven't discussed food, yet, for this one.

There you have it.  If you want to check out more great meal plans and get more ideas for what to make for dinner, head on over to the link up for MPM at!  

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