1/31/2011 06:19:00 AM

Okay ~ so you are looking for my menu for the week?  Umm...well...I forgot to do one!  I was a little busy this weekend.  :)

The cool thing is that I have enough meals I didn't get to in the last month to make up a quick menu or at least make it until Friday!

I know I have some fish that I never got to downstairs.  We have leftovers from the party and I have some meatballs that I made in the freezer.  We have some frozen pork chops - because I only used one package for dinner the other day.  :)

 In other news, the weekend went really well.  Danika got some REALLY cute clothes and Nate and I bought her these little princesses that have rubber clothes - which are a pain to put on, by the way.  She LOVES these little princesses.  She also got a new book for her Tag reader - Beauty and the Beast.  We are gearing up for Princesses on Ice next month!

The babies have been cranky the last two days - and to be honest with you, I haven't been feeling so hot.  I get so nervous when I feel icky and it doesn't feel like a common cold or something that I can explain away.  My mother thinks it's arthritis.  My joints are knees and toes, my fingers and wrists ~ especially first thing in the morning and right before bed.  I heard there is a big storm headed our I guess it's possible but it sure does stink! I have WAY too much to do to  be out of commission or moving slow for more than a day.  So ~ here's hoping to that the rest of the week brings nothing but everyone feeling better and getting back on track!

Oh - and I'm contemplating heading to Punxsutawney tonight to threaten a ground hog...I need spring to be right around the corner in a bad way!

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