Where I'm From

9/24/2010 07:20:00 AM

I'm from Saturday morning cartoons, bacon and eggs while listening to The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack.

I'm from First Friday Mass every month and confession twice a year.

I'm from amusement parks for adrenaline junkies and hopeless romantics, cotton candy and sticky candied apples.

I'm from Catholic School Girl uniform skirts and "Livin' on a Prayer".

I'm from page after page of teenage drama spilled out into stack upon stack of unfinished journals.

I'm from dreaming of the perfect life while not realizing I have it.

I'm from trying to grow up too fast and then missing the way things were.

I'm from satellite searching in the hammock and drive in movies while wearing pajamas with a brown paper grocery bag full of homemade popcorn on the seat.

I'm from love and hard work, from prayer and family.

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