The blog post I wrote for two hours...

9/13/2010 01:33:00 PM

I say that because it took me two hours to go through this mess of unmatched socks before I quit.  When my dad dropped Nate off from school he walked in to see my pile and said, "Really?  Those are all unmatched?"


Now - other than quitting smoking almost two years ago - I am not a quitter.  I try to stick to things until they are done.  However, I quit trying to match socks after two hours.  
I put the rest of the unmatched socks into 3  grocery bags and am deciding if I should, 
A) throw them away
B) make a community of sock puppets with them or
C) take them into my preschool class in October so that we can pretend they are leaves and rake them up into a big pile and jump into them.

Here are the socks I successfully matched - sorted by people wearing them.

Twins bin on left, then Nate's, then Jerry and me, then Danika
Now - I rarely use the word hate.  I NEVER use it when I'm talking about a person because hate is a strong strong as love and I only tell people I really love that I love them.

However, I HATE unmatched socks.

I HATE them for so many reasons.

First of all, I feel like they are a glaring sign that I am failing as a domestic diva.  If I can't do a simple task like matching socks, how am I suppose to manage a household?

Secondly, I have no control over them.  I can tell you exactly how they got to be as bad as they are.  I have NO time.  Seriously, when I am folding laundry I am doing it in between making breakfast and putting babies down for naps before cleaning up from breakfast and getting someone dressed before starting lunch so that I can have it ready when someone wakes up from a nap or gets home from school.  Yes - I am busy.

Finally, I hate them because they take up space...they take up space in my house and in my mind.  When I think about the things that I have to do, match all those freaking unmatched socks always gets put on the list and pushed down to the bottom because I HATE matching socks.

I need a system.  A system that is better than the one I currently have which involves throwing unmatched socks all in one place until I have time to match them and then calling my mother or mother-in-law and telling them the kids need socks.  Anytime someone asks me what we need I say socks.  What does Jerry need for his birthday? Socks.  What do you want for Christmas? Socks.  What can I get the kids for Easter? Socks - they fit nicely in those plastic eggs.

The worst part of that is that I get excited when someone gives my kids a 10 pack of socks because that is 10 full days they can wear socks that match!  I won't buy them new ones myself because I feel it is part of my punishment to have to sort through the 600 socks in the unmatched sock pile to find 2 that fit the person who needs socks . . . if they match it's a bonus.

If it were up to me we wouldn't wear socks - but we live in Western Pennsylvania where people wear socks from September to May...which is what prompted this sock matching session in the first place.  We need socks because it's getting chilly out...

So ~ share your tips (if you have any).  I'm contemplating just having a dirty sock barrel set up somewhere and washing them once a week.  If the match isn't there out it goes...I'd be open to other suggestions, though. No matter what - Something has to be done about this!!!  hehehe

As a side note...have you heard of the website Thankful For?  I'm really diggin' it.  I try to write something I'm thankful for each day.  I spend enough time on the computer that I like to take a few minutes away from Facebook or GoogleReader (which I use FeedSquares for) to remember something good that makes me smile.  It's kind of hard to find people on Thankful For - unless I'm missing something.  If you want to follow me you have to go to this site:  -  I'd love to follow you, too, and hear what you are thankful for!

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