5 days w/o a post - Picture post to catch you up!

5/09/2011 08:43:00 AM

Well...I've been busy!

First, we painted the kitchen.

Before picture of DH's plaster job...we had some water damage in that corner and had to do some patch work before the painting.

From inside the kitchen out into the entry - before picture

After picture of the corner

After picture into the entry way . . . my kitchen is almost too small to get a good picture.  :(

After picture of the back door...so you can see the colors we picked

The ceiling is Antique Beige.  The walls are Truly Olive and the trim is Dark Olive (although it looks more brownish than greenish).  My new kitchen colors make me feel so much more grown up than the previous Barney purple trim!  I LOVE them and it was EXACTLY what I wanted for Mother's Day.  :)

Other than the painting (which is REALLY what I wanted for Mother's Day...I told DH that and he actually LISTENED!), I got a new book.  A photography book - kind of a field guide for the Nikon D5000.  :)  I already knew most of the stuff in the first chapter but I can't wait to learn some new tricks!

We also had 2 parties to keep us busy this weekend!  First up was Jerry's Birthday on Friday.  We had a little party with the kids and my parents and sister and niece.  Here's a few shots from that:

Good time was had by all!

Then, Saturday was Opening Day for Tee Ball.

All I have to say is that it was an adventure.  In the morning, like 9 o'clock in the morning, they took team and individual pictures.  Then we went home and waited for our game.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day.  Not too hot but sunny and breezy.  Perfect for being outside in a hoodie or some long sleeves.  That is until they started announcing the teams.  That's when the dark clouds rolled in.  That's when the lightening siren started going off to let the little ones know that holding a metal bat in a big empty field may not be a good idea.  That's when the sky opened up and we got SOAKED!  :)  Luckily, I was able to get back to the car with the twins and Danika before it really started coming down.  I got them in and got soaking wet trying to buckle and fold up the stroller.  Then I drove up to the pavilion where Nate's coach had him hanging out.  About 20 minutes after it started, the rain stopped and it was nice out again but too wet for a game.  :(  Here are some pics of Opening Day, though!

Then, yesterday, which was also Mother's Day, we celebrated my nephew's 4th birthday along with DH's birthday with his family...my mom and dad, sister and niece also stopped by because it WAS Mother's Day!  hehehe  Here's some shots of that beautiful day!

So there you have it...what's been going on since I last posted!  I'm sure the next post will have more words than pictures!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too!

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