My Budding Baseball Star

5/13/2011 06:16:00 PM

Nate playing catch

Tee Ball is hysterical!  I usually don’t get to watch the games because I am busy chasing the twins or Danika around to make sure they don’t:

1) Run onto the field
2) Hit someone with a rock
3) Steal someone’s cell phone or
4) Try to drink someone’s water…

At least those are the things I was trying to prevent them from doing at Thursday’s game.

In Tee Ball, no one wins.  Everyone bats 3 times and everyone runs all the bases.  When the last batter is up they all run home and feel like winners.  Nate really does feel like a winner.  He tells me after every game that his team won (even though no one keeps score) and that he hit 3 homeruns because he ran home 3 times.  He is very proud that he is playing and even more proud that he is playing for a team sponsored by the Police.  Smile

I’ve noticed a change in him in the last week.  I’m not sure where it came from and I don’t always notice it but he seems more mature to me these days.  Like I said, though, not always…we still have to tell him not to hit his sister or tease the babies and he still whines a great deal.  There are other things, though, that make me think my baby is growing up a little bit.  He got dressed all by himself this morning.  He slept in his bed all night the last 2 nights.  He’s even been following directions after I ask him 3 times instead of 5.  It’s an improvement to say the least!

It could be because they’ve been able to go outside and run off some of that pent up energy.  It could be because we’ve been talking to him a lot about being more grown up and responsible because he will start Kindergarten in the fall.  Maybe it is just his time to mature a little.  Whatever the case, I’m thrilled that we are getting a little bit of a break with his behavior lightening up a bit.  For a little while, I thought he was going to give us a really tough time.  His teacher must have been right, though, he was going through a stage…I’ve already noticed the change and I’m liking this new Nate.  I guess this is where I can say he goes from Preschooler to School Aged kiddo.  He’s ready…am I? 

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