Just when I thought it couldn't get worse

1/22/2010 07:31:00 AM

Grocery shopping - that is. It's not that the shopping part is all that bad - I actually enjoy the hour or so away from the chaos that is staying at home with 4 kids 4 and under. It's the planning that always gets me. Now that I've started Weight Watchers, the planning is tougher. I'm sure it is just this week...I'm sure that it'll get easier as I find the foods I like to eat that fit into the "plan". However - right now trying to make a list is proving quite a challenge. Every time I get started a child starts screaming - I'm surprised I have time to breath these days.

I am really liking Weight Watchers on-line, though. I went to meetings about 7 or 8 years ago. I enjoyed them, but with the Weight Watchers on-line I can find answers right away to anything. They've also got a TON of recipes and food ideas. It's pretty awesome. I was a little hesitant about paying for it...but I think it'll be worth it if I can get close to the weight I was after Danika (that was when I was my smallest - believe it or not.)

On a positive note, Jerry's job has picked up! Not that we are rolling around in cash over here, but we are definitely breathing a little easier - when we have time, that is! Plus, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our W2s and all that other jazz so we can get our taxes done...we should be able to pay off all of our hospital bills from the twins with that and then set some aside for our next big project - operation get out of this small house and into one we can fit in...We are hoping to maybe do this in the next 3 years or so. I know it gives us a lot of time - but I also think we are going to need it!

Well - enough time chatting...I've got to keep working on this grocery list - and I'm thinking it's almost lunch time...so, I've got that to do, too. Oh - and BREATH...can't forget to do that. :)

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