I just have to say

1/25/2010 06:39:00 PM

I just have to say a couple of things...

1) Giant Eagle DOES care about their customers. Not only did someone from the store call me ON SATURDAY to tell me that they spoke with Maggie and offered to send me a gift card for bringing the problem to their attention - but another Giant Eagle employee (Beth) actually read my blog and asked for more details about my experience because she wanted to deal with it at a store level. I assured her that the woman I spoke with on Saturday made me feel much better about my experience. I kind of feel bad that I probably got Maggie into a little bit of trouble - because I don't like to "rock the boat" - but then again I was really upset...upset enough to say something and am kind of surprised that more than one person went out of their way to let me know that they cared.

2) The music that is piped through the speakers at Borders is too loud - especially if you are sitting in the Cafe and trying to have a book club meeting. I felt like I had to practically scream over the music to be heard - it was very annoying...along with the woman who seemed annoyed that we moved her tables around so that we could sit in a group. We've only been meeting there every last Monday of every month for . . . Hmmm . . . at least a year. This is the first time anyone even questioned us, let alone gave us dirty looks. I guess I'm just extra sensitive to cashiers these days.

3) If you are looking for an entertaining, fast read and like fiction give "The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes" by Diane Chamberland a shot. Everyone in our book club agreed that it was a pretty good book. We all had little issues with it - but all in all would recommend it to others.

4) I lost 4 pounds! :) I'm actually enjoying my WW experience and have to say that the online thing just rocks! I have any and all information I could possibly want right at my fingertips! The only down side is there really isn't any kind of week by week getting to know the program or changing one habit a week thing. Unless I'm missing it. I love the recipes, the point tracker, the quick find for foods, etc. I also love the community section and really really wish I could be more active with that. :)

5) Unless you want hours sucked away from your life - stay away from Post Secret. Or at least don't use Google Reader and subscribe to it - because that's when you get to see all the past blog entries and will end up spending hours on end reading other peoples secrets (which have caused me to "think" in terms of secrets all day long - like "I told you that I was going to leave for book club in 10 minutes and left 3 minutes early. I guess that makes me a liar." To tell you the truth...it's REALLY annoying.)

As a bit of a side note - Jerry and I actually cooked breakfast and lunch for Monday on Sunday night. It worked out really really well (I think)...but it felt weird to cook food and not eat it right away. We made English Muffin sandwiches for breakfast and Veggie Wraps (with grilled chicken that we had already made for something else) for lunch. The REALLY nice thing was that it really helped me to stay in my point allotment. :) I'm hoping to get a chance to exercise again soon - today just kind of slipped past me.

It's late - I'm rambling - no....I'm going to bed!

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