Monday, January 18, 2010

Mid January New Years Resolution

It's time to lose the baby weight. It's only getting worse and I'm only going to be able to hide from it for a little while longer. I gained a lot more weight with the twins than I did with Nate or Danika. Duh - I know...but I lost weight so easily after having Nate and Danika that I think I expected to lose it quickly this time as well. I mean after all I may have gained twice as much as I did with a single baby, but there was twice as much stuff in there that would, ahem, be coming out...I delivered 14 lbs of baby!!! I gained roughly 50 lbs with the twins - which is almost exactly double the 27ish I gained with Danika. It's just that this time around - my belly is still there. I know that eventually I will probably have to break down and actually *gasp* exercise. I hate may be better now that I've been smoke free for over a year - I will probably be able to breath much better at the very least. But I digress...we are starting with a diet - exercise to come later.

So - when thinking about dieting I immediately thought about Weight Watchers. I did Weight Watchers a while ago - probably before I was even married - and had a lot of success with it. I was in the program for about 6 months or so and lost probably 30 or so lbs. I was able to change a lot, though. For example, I went from drinking regular Pepsi (which was a whopping 4 pts a can!) to Diet Pepsi (which was 0 pts!). I started eating smaller meals...which in turn made me start eating smaller portions all the time. I have an old book - I could probably start right up and lose a little...but I was looking at the stuff that is offered through the on-line version of Weight Watchers and I have to say I am excited. :) There is even an app that I can download on to my BlackBerry that will keep track of my points!!! I talked Jerry into letting me do the first 3 months - it comes out to about $55.00. I told him that if I don't see results and it isn't working then I won't do anymore. I want to jump right in and start - but I feel like I have to get ready or something...not a whole lot to do...I ate the last of the Christmas chocolate last night :) (on a side note - Valentine's Day is coming and I'm praying I don't get too much chocolate from my students - I'm a sucker for chocolate . . . I would have to eat it . . . it's my kryptonite!)

Okay - with all that in mind here we go with my new (Mid-January) resolution:

I will lose 45 - 50 lbs. this year! I know it's a lot...but I feel like I HAVE to get it off. Nothing fits like it did and I'm thinking I am going to have to start shopping in the tall store for tops just so they cover my belly...but not in a way that I look pregnant. Grrr...that is so much harder than you could imagine. I know the first place I'll lose - the first place I always seem to lose...and I'm worried because there isn't much left after nursing 4 babies. Okay...enough talk. I'm on a mission! I'm gonna bring back my skinny jeans! Heck, I'm gonna set a new standard for my skinny jeans. I'm gonna start today and get the things I need asap! I'm ready...I'm ready...I'm - I hear my kiddos waking up. *sigh* Guess I will have to wait just a little bit longer to get started...