My tastes are changing

1/07/2009 05:37:00 AM

I'm taking it as a sign that I am getting older and my tastes are maturing that I find this man incredibly sexy.
Because, to be completely honest with you, he isn't really my type. I'm more of the Orlando Bloom/Keanu Reeves/(and embarrassingly) David Cook type. I think those are the last 3 big celebrity crushes I've had in the past 4 years. My all time biggest celebrity crush - David Duchovny. It was kind of fueled again by the series Californiacation (which I can't decide if I like because it's entertaining or because Duchovny is always having sex in it) and all the stories about Duchovny going into rehab for a sex addiction and then splitting from his long time wife, Tia. he's avaliable again.

All that being said - those celebrities above (Duchovny being a bit of an exception) are more of "girl" crushes. Where as Daniel Craig...I feel like it's the first celebrity crush I've had that my 14 year-old niece would go, "EW!" but he makes me feel all warm and tingly. I won't's the Bond movie that did it for me. The scenes when he's wearing his bathing suit...ahhh. The accent, the body, the eyes...yummy.

Where is all this coming from? I don't know. I was just thinking about it after seeing a picture of him this morning. For about 15 seconds I forgot that in reality I'm in my bathrobe, sitting next to my neighbor's sleeping infant, and watching my 3 year-old and her 2 year-old run laps from the livingroom to the kitchen to the dining was nice...while it lasted. Back to reality.

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