That was quick

1/05/2009 10:05:00 PM

So...notice the time? I'm not sure when I'll be finished with this and have it posted, but I'm starting it at 1:05 am...2 hrs. and 5 mins. AFTER I was suppose to be in bed. I have the perfect person to blame it on, though. My husband - he needs to come to bed so that I can fall asleep. For some reason unknown to me I haven't been able to fall asleep without him in bed for the last 2 years or so...okay, maybe more like 3...ever since Nate was born. Even when he stays out until ridiculous hours thinking he is in college again - and knowing that I'll be the one to get up with the kids in the morning anyway - I can't sleep. Last time it was when I needed to take his Aunt Dee Dee to the airport. I needed to leave the house at 4:45 am to be at his grandmother's for 5:00 am and the airport for 6:00 am. The whole reason that I was taking her instead of him was because he was going drinking with a buddy and would probably be too drunk to drive that early in the morning - the effects of the night before not having worn off yet...little did I know it wasn't the effect of the night before because the night before turned into the morning of and he didn't get home until 3:30 am!

So that this doesn't sound like I'm totally bashing my husband - he did make me breakfast before I left...which was really yummy . . . but I didn't sleep at all before going down to the airport. Which made the whole trip rather surreal. Like I was driving underwater the whole time or something. It didn't help that it was pitch black out. Or that I was driving his truck and not my Escape because my Escape was having 'issues'.

Tonight I am not sleeping because my husband is "stuck" on a certain board on his stupid Lego Star Wars game for Wii...he just quit and is now turning out all the lights because I should follow him like a little puppy who is thrilled her master is home...finally. Oddly enough, that's what I'm going to do. Not because he is beconing, but because I'm damn tired...and I have to work tomorrow. UGH.

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