A little bit tired of the remarks - and yes I know too

1/21/2009 05:54:00 AM

So, the line I've been getting most these days is, "You know, they figured out what causes that..." Really? They figured out what causes pregnancy? No way! Shut the *bleep* up already!!! (Yeah, I don't really swear a whole lot - but these days I feel the itch to let people know I'm serious!)

We had friends over the other day - friends who I love dearly - and even their "well - meaning" remarks made me cry when I rehashed them later that night. It was little comments made when things were kind of stressful with my current kiddos - my kids are 3 and 2...they are learning...they will be better when new baby gets here...I'm sure of it. But in the middle of an all out screaming fit by my son while my daughter is smearing icing all over her face my dear friend looks at me and smiles and says, "Wow, dear, you are really gonna have your hands full!" chuckle chuckle. Really? Having 3 kids ages 4 to newborn is going to be kind of difficult at time? No way! Shut the *bleep* up already!!! (Which of course I didn't say...but really wanted to.)

Then there is the "Better you than me", "Congratulations, I guess.", "You're crazy.", "Did you WANT 3?", "You know they only make 2 kinds and you already have one of each - hope you weren't expecting something different." Really? No way! Shut the *bleep* up already!

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