Who's perfect?

10/12/2008 08:09:00 PM

Not me - not by a long shot. I need some help.

Don't get me wrong, I know what I have and it isn't that bad. However, I dream of a day when I can walk into my house and smile because it looks how it should look. I dream of a day when the thought of someone stopping by unannounced doesn't send me into a panic. I dream of a day where my husband says, "The house looks great, honey." I need some help.

I have a million excuses as to why my house is an unorganized mess. I've tried to develop a plan before - it didn't work. I have a Flylady folder all ready to go - but I feel behind, even though one of the cardinal rules in Flyladydom is not to feel behind. I need help.

So...I'm going to take baby steps. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, too.

My first order of business is start taking some vitamins. I need to have more energy for this trip. Second order of business - make a game plan with some goals. I need goals to make sure I'm on track and that little feeling of accomplishment I'll have when I complete something will make a world of difference. They have to be realistic goals, though...that's the key.

I must add that my plate is overflowing with things right now. I have 2 kids at home with me at all times. My son is going to be 3 in about a month and my daughter is 14 short months behind him (she'll be 2 in January). They keep me busy and don't really let me do anything for long periods of time. I am also teaching 2 days a week. 3-year-olds, they are quite a handful. I am also finishing up my Masters on-line. It's a paper a week - which I've been putting off until Friday nights and staying up until ungodly hours completing. Those are my challenges. Tomorrow I'll have some goals...first goal - have some goals. :) We'll see where that takes me.

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