Had a great day ~

10/18/2008 10:28:00 PM

It's October - there is a chill in the air and my husband is off on a Saturday...what do I do? Drag my husband and children to a pumpkin patch so that I can have my Kodak moments, of course! :) Seriously, though - we did go to a pumpkin patch today. Triple B Farms pumpkin patch - to be exact. Funny thing, though, that it's NOWHERE near my house! hehehe.

So, we loaded up the kids and left the house around noon...my little sweetheart of a daughter got carsick about 12:45. I didn't pack a change of clothes...so, we made a pitstop at Target and she was good as new. We were a little nervous that she was going to get sick again, though...so we made 2 more pitstops on the way. This got us to the pumpkin patch around 3:00!!!

We had fun, though - here are some pics I'd like to share . . . then it's off to bed for me!

Kids at the pumpkin patch
Tired girl in the corn maze

All of us on the hayrideOn the way home the kids slept...and I ate this all by myself. Yes, it's a caramel covered apple dipped in mini m&ms.

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