Pumpkins and Parties

10/30/2008 04:40:00 AM

Well - in about 2 hours I will be surrounded by 18 3-year-olds in Halloween costumes - 5 of their mothers and 2 aids to help with Halloween party 1 of 2. UGH! Then at 12:00 the second group will come in and they will start setting up for Halloween part 2 of 2. Which is once again 18 3-year-olds - 5 of their mothers and 2 aids. Please pray for my sanity. I heard Christmas is almost worst than this...I'm dreading it.

We are getting in the Halloween spirit around here, though. Here's some pics of pumpkin carving night.

My son was pretty excited to see what was inside the pumpkin. Until we opened it up!

My daughter was not as interested as my son.

The finished product! (This is hubby's - he had the camera so there were no pics of my pumpkin.)

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