10/25/2008 01:15:00 AM

I'm so tired right now I don't know why I'm still awake...other than the 5 hour energy shot I took 4 hours ago. I figured it might help me get through the paper that I had to write for my Master's class tonight - and it did...but now I'm exhausted beyond belief but not able to sleep. Stupid.

Anyway, I got my Flylady Control Journal in the mail the other day and have been plugging away at it. Funny thing, though - I really don't think I needed to buy it. A lot of the stuff is stuff that I had already made lists of when I originally started this like 3 years ago. I do think it's a nice refresher for me to go through it and do it again, though...so maybe it will be worth it.

Today's progress in FLYING -

  • I didn't do my complete morning routine, but since making and drinking coffee in my morning routine I guess I did part of it.
  • I did throw in a load of laundry - 3 actually, and ended up busting the belt on the dryer...last 2 loads still wet. *ugh*
  • My sink is shiny
  • My house is relatively uncluttered except for 1 major Hot Spot (dining room table) which I will hit tomorrow
  • I scrubbed the tub and dusted my bedroom, both of which were part of my Weekly Home Blessing tasks for today
  • I did NOT mop the bathroom floor, which was also on that WHB list
  • I did run the vacuum, but not on the steps or upstairs like I wanted to
  • My parents stopped by for a short visit today, and I wasn't embarrassed by my house!

All in all I'd call today a success. I'm taking baby steps, still. No bedtime routine tonight, either - although I think I will start the dishwasher and set the coffee pot. Now if I could just get my ass out of bed at a decent time tomorrow I'll be ready for company tomorrow night - for the first time ever I'm not overly concerned about having to clean up an entire house because we're having guests! :)

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