Advice I Should Have Followed and Some I'm Glad I Didn't

8/04/2011 10:04:00 AM

I was going through some papers and came across a folder that had stuff from my Bridal Shower in it.

I found the papers that I asked everyone to fill out at the shower with advice on different subjects.

I asked them to give me their best advice for a happy marriage when it comes to:

* Cooking

* Cleaning

* Fighting

* Spending Money

* In the Bedroom

* Having Kids

Some of the answers surprised me and some made me laugh.  A lot of them made perfect sense considering who wrote them!

Here are some of my favorite in each "category"

* Cooking:

- Whoever cooks, the other cleans up!  (We actually do this!  I cook and Jerry cleans!)
- Find a favorite restaurant
- Use lots of sauce
- Call for Chinese or go to your Mom's (from my MIL!)
- Burn everything so that he will want to go out all the time!
- Use a crock pot as much as possible.
- Make it with love

* Cleaning

- Always have a place to stash stuff before company comes
- Hire someone
- Learn to live with dust
- As long as the bathroom and kitchen are really clean, the rest of the house will feel clean, too.
- Don't bother - it just gets dirty again
- Pick a day to do it and don't worry about it the rest of the week!  Make Jerry do the one thing you hate most
- Live by candlelight - you can't see the dust then

* Fighting

- Use Gloves (from Memaw Naydeck!)
- Don't go to bed Mad
- Tears usually work
- Choose your battles wisely
- Try not to fight around family and friends - you may easily forgive but they may not (I actually really took this one to heart!)
- Avoid words like you always or you never
- Remember you are always right - once he apologizes and admits it, make the "making-up" fun

*Spending Money

- Spend his not yours
- Budget early so you learn to stick to it
- Pretend you are broke
- Spend some/Save some
- Always have your own "stash"
- More fun when you do it together
- Shop 'til you drop - you can't take it with you!
- Max out your charge cards (another one from Memaw!)

*In the Bedroom

- Sleep under the pillow if Jerry snores
-Buy a lock for the door once you have kids
- Don't watch TV in the Bedroom!  If you don't have distractions, in 10, 20 30 years you will still have a fabulous love life!
- A place to plan your dreams together (Love this one! Jerry and I have the best discussions in our bedroom before falling asleep!)
- Remember what I taught you both in religion class (From Sr. Marie Corde - the principal we both had in grade school!)
- Pretend you are sleeping
-HAVE FUN!  (about 30 people said this!)

*Having Kids

- Don't do it, they are too expensive
- Have puppies instead
- Don't over do it
- Have many!
- A Baker's Dozen (Memaw, again!)
- Have kids only if you want to go crazy and always be broke
- Laugh a lot and they will be happy like you
- One is never enough
- No more than two
- Remember they stay for about 30 years
- Have a boy first - it's a guy thing
- Have some - they bring lots of joy and sorrow but then . . . GRANDCHILDREN!!

I just loved looking back at these.  I'm going to put them in a book so that I can look back on them again and maybe some day give them to my kids.  :)  They will know a lot of the people who wrote out the lists.  I HIGHLY recommend doing something like this if you have a shower coming up!  I'm betting you can do something similar for a baby shower, too!  Such a great keepsake!

So - if you feel like commenting, what is the best advice you received when you were getting married, graduating or having kids?  I'd love to know!

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