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8/06/2011 07:14:00 AM

I may have mentioned before that we are trying to sell our house.  We haven't had anyone come and look at it, yet.  However, this weekend is the Open House and, even though my Realtor told me not to get too excited, I've been trying to get the house in tip top shape in hopes that the next owner of this house will walk through the doors on Sunday and LOVE what they see.  We kind of, sort of, maybe found a house that we really like . . . so, I'm hoping even more that the next owners will find this place soon.

Anyway, on to what I've been up to.

My least favorite room in this house has ALWAYS been the bathroom.  I hated the ceramic tile on the wall.  I hated the floor that was peeling up under the sink.  I also wasn't fond of the colors at all.  The tub, toilet and sink are all baby blue.  The tiles on the wall were pink and black.  All of the trim was painted black and the wall was painted this peach/pink color with some white sponged on top of it.  Here, have a look at these before pictures:

Bathroom 1

This is the sink and the little shelf thing that use to have a door on it.  The previous owners had the door on but it was such a pain in the butt to keep opening and closing.  I took it off.  Besides, it was pretty ugly.  It's in the closet in the hall. 


This is the tub/shower and a little bit of the toilet.  The shower curtain is all rolled up because It kept getting in my way - I should have just taken it down and thrown it away then . . . but I wasn't sure how look the bathroom would be like this and I didn't want to get paint all over a new one.

Now ~ here are some after shots:


Bathroom 2

When I showed it to our Realtor, I apologized that it wasn't in neutral colors . . . I know that's what they tell you to do if you are going to paint.  The thing is ~ I really wanted to make it stand out, which I did.  He told me that it was okay.  It was definitely an improvement and maybe it will be something that people will remember.  AKA ~ my house has become, "You remember that house with the blue and yellow bathroom?"

Here's a picture of the floor.  I didn't take a before picture of the floor because we started ripping it out before I remembered.  Trust me, this looks MUCH better!!

photo (5)

The other thing that we did this week was cover my dining room chairs!

I should have done this months ago!  I feel like I got a brand new dining room set!

When we moved into our house we had a very small circle table.  It was glass and only fit 4 chairs.  My mom now has that table in her gazebo.  Then, my SIL gave us her giant rectangle table.  It was glass and fit 6 chairs easily.  It didn't work with the kids, though.  I was so afraid they were going to get hurt on it.  Plus, it was REALLY big and didn't fit too well in this room.  I can't remember where that table ended up.  Then, my coworker at the time gave me a small, wooden table.  It worked well for a while but I still wanted a real dining room set.

When Jerry's grandmother had to see her house we ended up asking if we could have her dining room set.  Actually, Jerry's mom bought it for us from her kids.  :)

Here's what the chairs looked like when we got them:


The seats had plastic on them . . . but they were all ripping and the plastic was coming off.  I mentioned to my mom that I wanted them to look nice for Open House.  Not because I'm leaving the dining room, I'm not.  I just thought that it would look better than the way they were and that it wouldn't be a distraction.

Here's the after picture:


HUGE difference!  HUGE!  I'm so in love with my new chairs.  AND . . . it was REALLY easy to do.  My mom did a lot of the work.  She helped me pick out the material and she cut the squares out.  Then she came down with my dad, pizza for dinner and some staple guns and we covered them!  (Oh, and it only cost $36 to do all 6 chairs . . . Plus, we have enough material left to make a valance or something for the new house!)

So ~ that's what I've been up to.

I'd really appreciate prayers and positive thoughts about tomorrow!  I am trying to not get my hopes up too much but I can't help it!  I really, really hope that someone loves our little house and wants to be the next one to call it home.

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