Extended weekend = No time for blogging

6/01/2011 10:36:00 PM

I was thinking about the last blog post I wrote when I started my morning and remembered that it was way back on Saturday.  For some reason I also thought that today was Monday.  I guess that means I was having fun because time really did fly between then and now!

I'm going to share some pictures of the weekend and a few cute (and some not so cute) stories of what we've been up to since the last two posts were totally NOT personal ones.  :)

First of all, just so I don't forget, would you believe that today was the very FIRST time I've had an incident with poop being flung by one of my children?  I use to hear horror stories about poop in cribs and smeared all over the place by children.  Now, I've had a few messes and blown out diapers but I've never actually had a child touch his (or her) poop on purpose when it would have otherwise stayed in a diaper.

Today, Dean did just that.  It wasn't a huge mess but I was still surprised by it.  Clean up was pretty easy because he just jumped on it a couple of times in the crib and then tossed it at David.  Luckily he missed David's crib so I only had one baby to clean up.  *whew*

Okay - on to happier, better smelling events of the past few days:

Seconds later David threw a fit and I didn't get another picture of him that day - Nate, on the other hand, had a blast!

Here's a picture of Nate and David playing with the wiggly worm sprinkler thing I snagged last week at Kmart for under $12! Nate helped me pick it out when we stopped at Kmart to get bubbles before the picnics last week. Luckily, the weather was perfect for it on Sunday and the kids had a blast - all except for David, who threw tantrums on and off all weekend for no apparent reason.


Here's Danika on that same day - diva that she is, she didn't want to get her hair wet!

After they played here all day, we shipped the big kids up to my parents and Jerry's parents came over here to sit with the twins and we went shopping and out to dinner! Fun time!

Then on Monday morning, the kids were still at my parents and were going to stay there until we went up after Dean and David's nap (around 2:30). So, Jerry and I took advantage of the extra "less than 4" kid time and cleaned out our room and the babies' room! We even rearranged the furniture in our room and it looks so much bigger! Jerry has told me how much bigger it looks every day since we did it!

It was a great feeling to get those rooms straightened up!

LOVE this one!

This is probably my favorite picture from Memorial Day - Jerry looks so incredibly happy! I have to say that all of the kids were pretty well behaved that day. They had a lot of fun playing in Nunnu and Grammie's back yard and there were almost no fights! Sunburn, yes...fights, no.

In the pool

Here I am with my kiddos in the pool. I started out standing but it was just too tough keeping a hand on both the boys while trying to stand in the pool so I took my shorts off *gasp* and just went swimming in my tee shirt. Don't worry, my parents back yard is fenced in and they use to have a larger pool...I'm not the first one to go swimming in my underwear in that yard!

Angelina - "Aunt Janene...take my picture doing this!"

My niece, Angelina, was a riot on Monday. She was really hamming it up for my camera and she just LOVED being in the water! I think she also got a little sunburn but I'm not sure if it was as bad as Nate's...

Twins?  Yes...they are...really...I promise!

They don't look like twins, I know...but they are twins. They were really good on Monday. Now they are almost 2 and get into anything and everything but for the most part, they played really well.

Happy Danika

All in all, it was an awesome day!

How was your weekend?

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