Coupon Craziness

6/16/2011 12:19:00 PM

I have to admit that a lot of my "free" time - which there isn't much of to begin with - but a lot of my "free" time has been going to learning and researching more about coupons.  The good news is that I think I've found a routine that is going to work for me and I'm getting better at figuring things out.

The bad news?  I'm unofficially diagnosing myself with Mommy ADHD because I can't seem to just stick with what I'm doing and get it done when it comes to coupons.  For example, yesterday I started looking at match-ups for Giant Eagle over at   I got distracted by trying to print out online coupons - I tried printing extras from Nate's computer but couldn't get the printer to work.  That took up 15 minutes I wasn't planning on spending on couponing.

Then I got distracted by a CVS add for this week - since I was planning on heading down there last night.  

I spent 10 minutes looking for my Green Bag Tag - which I STILL can't find!!!

Then some coupons came in the mail from my Great Aunt . . . which meant I was also going back to GE last night because I got enough coupons to do the buy 4 Danimals and get a gallon of milk free.  At 4/$8 and with 4 of the $1.00 off coupons I spent $4.00 on 4 Danimal 6 packs and a gallon of 2% milk!  That deal ended yesterday, though, so I had to make sure I went before it was over.

I just keep getting distracted by new happens with other things, too.  The internet is the worst.  I am always going on a tangent while online and then can't remember why I signed on to begin with!!!

I did get this done last night, though:

It's my sanity for big trips to Giant Eagle - a table that shows the product in the first column and then the sale price in the second one.  The third column tells me what kind of coupon I have and the fourth tells me how many I have to buy (or can buy).  The last column is how much it should cost...I say should because I have things on there that I don't know the price for, too.  I did come up with it on my own and I'm sure that there is something fancier out there that does all the adding for me and such...but I'm happy I am at least this organized!  :)

I haven't perfected it, yet...but it really helps me to make sure I'm getting the right things.  It helps Jerry know, too.  So when we go to the store expecting to get free toothbrushes because they are 2/$3 and we have $.75 off 1 coupons, we don't end up picking up the 2/$5 ones and actually paying for them!  hehehe

Off to get the babies from their naps.  My shopping excursion isn't until tomorrow at the earliest (maybe Saturday) so I will let you know how close I get to my estimated $82.45 for this week's groceries!  :)

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