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6/22/2011 06:18:00 PM

If you have been reading the blog for a while, you probably remember the whole story about Danika needing breathing treatments back in April.  She had gone to the circus with my parents.  She rode a pony and then was having trouble breathing that night and the next morning.  We ended up at Children's Hospital all day on Sunday.

Cute, huh?

After a visit to her PCP, it was recommended that Danika go and have some allergy testing done just so that we are prepared.  She has been taking Zyrtec before any exposure to dogs - because they seem to have an effect on him - she also has an inhaler in case things seem to get a little hairy. 

I knew that the allergy test wasn't going to be fun.  We had a great doctor and a wonderful visit - but Danika, my drama queen, really didn't take to getting poked over and over in her arm very well.  The doctor made it seem a lot less painful that it really seemed - he told me that the ends were really no sharper than a ball point pen HOWEVER the little tester things had teeth...not huge ones, but enough that I'm sure it hurt more than being poked with a ball point pen.

Anyway - she survived...but she did scream and milk it for a while.  :)

The end results are that she is allergic to trees (quite a few), grass (but only when it is pollinating?), horses and dogs.  Nothing super surprising there - although the fact that she didn't seem to have a cat allergy surprised me a bit.  All in all, the doctor said that her episode in April was probably a combination of all 3 or 4 of the things that she is allergic to hitting her at once.  He called it a Double Whammy (but it would be more like a Triple or Quadruple Whammy).   He feels that the Zyrtec and inhaler are the way to go unless we notice a change in her.  He also said that we will be able to schedule a follow up visit with him in February to discuss how to handle her next spring.  Apparently, spring is the worst for the trees and grass she has problems with.

I'm glad we know.  I'm not sure I would put her through it again, though...but at least it's not worse than what we thought!  :)

Oh - BTW...I have one more major thing to get through this week - the TV repair guys are coming on Friday.  It's a LONG story but I will just say that I will be SO thrilled when Saturday gets here!  :)

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