The last week of summer. . .

8/16/2010 07:45:00 AM

Nate and Danika don't start school until the beginning of September but this is technically our last week of summer.  I start working next week at the school to get the rooms decorated and things set up.  That will inevitably lead to me feeling like I have to start planning and getting things together for the up coming school year.  So, that will mean me working a little bit more from home and trying even harder than before to get all the kiddos (and myself) on a sleep/wake-up routine.

I'm ready for fall!  I LOVE fall!  I'm so excited for cool breezes and crisp fallen leaves.  Football games and comfort food!  Sweat shirts and jeans!  I know I'm probably rushing a bit but I swear to you I saw CHRISTMAS decorations at the Dollar Tree yesterday!?!

There are a few things I'm not excited about.  I'm not excited about having to crawl back up into the attic and drag down all of the kids fall/winter clothes and put away summer stuff that may fit next year.  That will take me at least 2 days - 3 if I do my clothes, too!  I'm not excited about getting up early.  I'm not excited about losing my Tuesdays with DH (I work Tuesdays and he is off - Tuesday and we really only get 1 day a week together.  If it wasn't that way, though, I probably wouldn't be able to work because we may have to talk about daycare which would be SO expensive for 4 kids!)  I'm not excited about Christmas shopping - again...I know it's August but I'm telling you the truth!  They had ornaments and garland, stockings and tree skirts!

Okay ~ so this post was a lot more random than I had original planned but I'm feeling scattered today.  My summer "to-do" list was pretty short and I still didn't get 1/2 of it done.  I know that I shouldn't be too hard on myself because all 4 of my children are currently healthy and happy, which is the most important job I had this summer.  Not to mention the little speed bump of me spending a good month sulking and crying before realizing I needed to talk to someone.

However, the #1 thing that I wanted to do this summer was paint my kitchen.  I hate the fact that the paint in my kitchen is chipping and looks drab and dull.  So (after a little discussion with DH) I have decided that I am going to use this week to prep the kitchen for painting and on Saturday we are repainting the kitchen!  I'm feeling slightly motivated today so I'm going to head in and get started...after I make lunch, that is!  *sigh*  Healthy, happy, well-fed kids really are my #1 priority.  :)

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