Holiday Withdraw Symptoms

12/26/2008 09:45:00 PM

I'm exhausted . . . but I can't sleep. I'm so tired that I don't know if I'll make it up the steps . . . but I can't sleep. It has to be a combination of my obsessive disorder when it comes to my new Christmas toys - for example, I feel this need to fill up all 120 GB on my IPod today, something that will take months to do - if I even ever do fill it up (it's something like 30,000 songs!) - and the fact that I am just so excited about all of the new things in our house. I don't want to step away from the laptop or put away my new things. I feel like I'm 10 again.

On top of that we ate the last 2 dinners again tonight in leftovers. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE holiday leftovers. However, neither meal is a "light" meal - and the one we had Christmas day was FULL of GARLIC! Mmmm...ugh. Yum yummy - but wow am I full.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us - and a busier week. We have a wedding to go to on Sunday - and a baptism. Same family. Mom and Dad are getting married and then little one is getting baptized. It's a twofer on the sacrament front. :) DH works Monday and then is off T/W/Th. In that time we have to get both our vehicles into the shop. His truck because it needs inspected and my Escape because it won't start. It decided not to start right after church on Christmas Eve...yeah, it was perfect timing...two cranky kids who have just sat through an hour and a half Catholic was cold and raining...and we were due at the in laws asap. Oh well...everything worked out fine. Now let's just hope we don't bring in the new year with some bad news about a big repair.

Last but not least - I'm sorry that you have read this whole post. Truly I am bored...that is why I decided to write. I'm bored but can't sleep...which reminds me, I'm raising a 3 year-old going on 15 year-old son. Today I told him that I was making him Spiderman Mac n Cheese...which is his FAVORITE! He looked at me and rolled his eyes exclaiming, "Mom...Spiderman Mac n Cheese is sooo boring!" I have no idea where he got that! BTW - did I tell you I am bored? hehehe

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