Hectic Days - Happy Days

2/03/2012 09:49:00 AM

Last weekend was eventful, to say the least.  My baby girl turned 5 and we partied all weekend!  

Friday, which was her actual birthday, we went to Red Robin for dinner with Grammie, Nunnu, Aunt Nicole and Angelina.  Nana and PapPap kept the boys at home...they weren't feeling well - lots of sniffles and coughs and little fevers (poor things).

After dinner, we went over to the mall.  Our initial plan was to set them loose in Giggle and Smiles for an hour or so but because it was Friday night, they were to capacity and not taking on anymore kids.  They were disappointed but we made it up to them by taking the girls into Clair's and letting them ride the Merry-Go-Round AND the Monster Spider Jump!  

Saturday, it was off to Aunt Lorrie and Uncle Lenny's house for a joint birthday party with Katie, who turned 18 this year!  Fun was had by all and we had some yummy cake from Oakmont Bakery!

Then on Tuesday, Danika and I went to get haircuts.  Well, I went to get a haircut and then Danika decided she wanted to get her hair cut, too!  Here's the final product: 

Cute, right?  

Everyone seemed to be feeling better and on the mend by Wednesday and it's been business as usual around here since then!

Hoping to have another exciting (but not too exciting) weekend full of lots of laughter and smiles!

It really doesn't get any better than this.

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