Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hanging in the Snow

My kids and I were hanging outside in the snow today . . . I was hanging a little differently than they were, thanks to a few too many "adult" gummy bears and Chocolate Cokes made with Chocolate Vodka and Coke.

They wanted to go outside.  We finally had enough snow that they could actually play in it.

They begged and I took an Advil.

They pleaded and I drank a glass of water.

They cried and I gave in,  put layers of clothes on them and boots, and went out with my camera.

I'm glad we went out for the hour or so we were out there.  I am glad that they had fun and I got some good pictures (and some much needed fresh air).  I'm especially glad that I wasn't "mean, hungover mama" and I got my butt moving...

Now they are back to playing Xbox and watching Nick Jr.  I am back to hydrating, although I'm feeling pretty good now...must've been the fresh air!