So...better or worse?

6/06/2010 05:52:00 AM

I would love to tell you that I was absolutely right and I feel a lot better now...but that's not entirely true.  I feel a little bit better - not really any I guess that's a good thing, right?

We had a busy few days and my whole thinking that life goes smoother when I'm not online as much as I want to be was totally reaffirmed.  I wish that I could figure out how I'm going to squeeze my computer time into my everyday life without causing any disruption to the flow.  If I get online early...I'm not awake enough to really do the things I want to do.  (for example, write a blog post!)  If I wait until mid morning...well, that's just disaster because I have children to feed and entertain.  I have laundry to do.  I have a house to manage.  So, mid morning is probably the WORST time to get online.  If I wait until afternoon, it's the same deal - feeding kids, At night, if I get on the computer, Jerry sits in the living room sighing huge sighs and complaining because I don't want to spend any time with him.  Never mind that he is watching a movie we've seen 100 times (like The Replacements or The Godfather) or some sporting event that I have NO interest in (like baseball...sorry, baseball on TV is worse than watching paint dry).  I feel guilty because he is right - I don't spend enough time with him.  So, evening is kind of out, too...which leaves me no real slot of time that is perfect.  Guess I will just have to keep trying.  If I wasn't so easily distracted, I would be able to get online, do my thing and then get back to my regularly scheduled life.  But I'm always clicking links and getting lost online.  ALWAYS.

Okay...enough of my whining.  Wanna hear something I'm excited about?  I am actually excited about a few things coming up.  First, this Wednesday is our first pickup for the CSA at Blackberry Meadow Farms!  Second, Saturday is my wedding anniversary!  We will have been married 6 years.  For our wedding anniversary, my husband will be at a bachelor overnight bachelor party.  I'm not one to get all worked up about bachelor parties.  I'm also not really hung up on the date thing.  It doesn't really bother me that Jerry won't be here on our anniversary as long as we get the chance to celebrate around the date.  After all, we kind of thought Nick would be a bachelor FOREVER.  That makes this whole thing kind of a big deal.  I think I've talked my parents into keeping Nate and Danika for me that night - so it will just be me and the little guys.  I think I can handle it...

Finally, you know what I'm really really excited about?  TOY STORY 3!!!  Silly, right?  I just love the Toy Story movies and Nate and Danika have been watching the first two nonstop.  So, the whole house is excited about the new movie.  We've already talked about a Toy Story theme for Nate's birthday in November and we saw TONS of Toy Story toys at K-mart yesterday...we want them all.  Yes, I said WE.  Part of it is that I would just love to see my little guys playing with Buzz and Woody just like Andy does.  It would be great to see Nate or Dean or David written on the bottom of a boot (space or cowboy).

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