Come On Get Happy

6/17/2010 06:15:00 AM

We are not going to dwell on fact I'm going to type it very, very fast and then I'm moving on - got it?

Apparently, I'm depressed.

I went to my PCP after having an absolutely insane day on Sunday.  I think I cried for 8 hours.  If you would have asked me what was wrong I would have broke out into sobs that were louder and harder and my shoulders would have been shaking and I would have sounded like I was gulping as I said, "I...DON'T....KNOW!!!"

So - long story short (because I was serious about not dwelling), I broke down in my PCP's office and am now seeing if a teeny little SSRI will help me stop bawling anytime someone asks me if I'm okay or tries to give me a hug.

I read a really great article about depression that finally convinced me that I wasn't just being a wimp and could actually try asking someone for help but I can't seem to find it again...if I do, I will post the link. that we are done with know what else helps to lift your mood?  Getting new stuff!  hehehe

Meet Mr. Coffee:

I did clean this coffee pot after making coffee in it...but apparently didn't bother before I took this picture.
 Mr. Coffee was one of the BEST gifts I got at my wedding shower.  He made me feel like a "big girl" when I moved into my home with my hubby.  I would set him to make coffee the night before and when I woke up (I think it was set for 9 am back then) I would have hot, delicious coffee waiting for me.  He was also a HUGE help after we brought Nate, Danika and even the twins home from the hospital.  I didn't drink a lot of coffee - because I was nursing - but I did LOVE that cup in the morning to help me get moving (it's now set for 7:30am...and some days I actually have to turn it on because we are up before it starts brewing).  There is nothing really wrong with Mr. Coffee...but he's seen better days for sure.

PNC bank (which is who we had to switch to after National City closed) does a point program when you use your PNC bank card.  The trick is that you have to use it as credit and not ATM when you are buying things. Anyway - we had enough points to get a $100 Amazon Gift Card and a $25 iTunes Gift Card.  Jerry used the iTunes Gift Card to get some music for his phone...I used the $100 Amazon one to buy this :

The coffee maker - not the Tupperware.  I couldn't take a straight on picture because the beautiful stainless steel reflects the flash.  hehehe

I haven't given her a name, yet.  I'm open to suggestions.  I'm sure that she is a she because she is a multi-tasker!  Not only can I still get a nice, hot cup of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning if I set her timer, but she will also grind the beans right before she starts brewing AND she will keep the coffee hot for hours!  No more microwaved coffee for me!  :)

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Mr. Coffee - I think I'll let him hang out in the basement for a little bit just to make sure our new girl works out and we don't have any problems.  After that, I will probably clean him up and give him to a good home or to Goodwill.

I'm kind of sad about getting rid of something that was routinely part of almost every day of the last 6 years of my life...but I'm totally excited about the shiny new replacement, too.  I kind of feel like I'm in one of those Swiffer Mr. Coffee is going to be at the bus stop with his suitcase dripping tears out of his leaky carafe with "Love Stinks" playing in the background.  Yep...SSRI.  hehehe

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