And I Now Have Another Story to Tell My Kids...

6/13/2010 06:36:00 AM

Your parents probably have at least 2 or 3...or more than you really want to think about.  You know, those stories that make you laugh the first time they tell you and then make you cringe when you hear the opening line years later.  "I remember one time when we were..."

Well ~ I now have one of those stories for Danika.  Not that I don't have other ones...but this one I won't forget.  EVER.  It will go something like this...

I remember the weekend your father went out of town for a bachelor party.  It was the first time that I was alone overnight with the four of you.  I decided I was going to try to tire you and your brother out by running you all over town.  That way you would go to sleep early and exhausted.  You slept at Grammie and Nunnu's house the night before and I went to pick you up around 1.  I left Dean and David with Grammie and Nunnu and we headed to the mall.  I'd never taken the two of you to the mall by myself before, but I was pretty sure we would be just fine.  (Famous last words, right?)  You had an adorable sundress on with really fancy panties - the kind with ruffles on the bum.  (anyone see where this is going, yet?)

We bought Daddy a Father's Day present then headed down to Halmark where we got cards for Daddy, Pap Pap and Nunnu.  Then we went to Panera and split a gigantic chocolate chip cookie.  We headed into the new toy store to check out the toys.  That was when you started complaining about a belly ache.  I should have known.  We should have left right then.  I waited, though.  You finally told me you had to - we started towards the family bathroom.  You don't like sitting on big toilet seats.  I thought it would be easiest to take you to the family bathroom where they have a small seat.  We were moving fast - and looking back on it now, I should have known it would have been better to just run back into Panera and use their potty.  About 1/2 way to the family bathroom you stop and look up at me.  I knew.  I knew right then that we didn't make it.  I was terrified.  I had nothing.  No wipes because the babies weren't with us.  No change of clothes because...well...because you are potty trained and NEVER had an accident when we were out.  You only had 2 accidents since you started wearing big girl underwear.

So, a terrified me and a very upset you drag a confused Nate into an almost abandoned bathroom.  The bathroom is on an end of the mall that they don't even bother to cool off with the air conditioner because there are no stores down there.  I take you into the handicap stall and do what I can...but it's bad.  REALLY bad.  (I will probably insert some details here...depending on the company I am in...but I'll spare the internet the mental images)

Once I get you as cleaned up as I possibly can, we start running through the mall to the car.  I'm praying that we left most of the smell (ewwww) in the bathroom.  I'm feeling a little bad for the only lady that was in the bathroom with us while we were trying to clean up.  Remember, we are at one end of the mall and the car is at the we are walking close to a mile to get to the car.  Of course we have to run into 3 people that we know on our escape route.  I only really stop to talk to one of them...and only for 3 minutes or so.

I can honestly say I think we handled the whole thing pretty well.  I was amazed at how cooperative you and Nate were as I dragged you past the mall playground that I had originally told you we would stop and play in.  Of course, I thought that we would be good after that - so, I got you back to Grammie's and got you cleaned up and took you, Angelina and Nate to the park because you were such good sports about leaving the mall.  I did put you in a pull up so that I didn't have to deal with another accident if it happened.  We spent more time in the potty at the park than we did on the slides and swings...we finally called it a day and got Dairy Queen drinks and hung out with Aunt Nicole until bedtime.  I don't know who was more exhausted at the end of the or you...but we all slept well that night!

On a side note - the rest of my evening/night went really well.  All my babies were asleep at 9pm and we didn't get out of bed until 8 this morning!  Off to make some Cinnamon Buns for breakfast!  :)

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