Friday, November 7, 2008

The Grocery Game

So, as if I needed one more distraction or thing to take up my time, I started playing the Grocery Game...well, I haven't really played, yet - I'm getting ready to play. I signed up and got my first list - but the list had already kind of expired by the time I got it. So, I'm awaiting a new list this Sunday. Anyway - between that and FLYlady, and school, and work, and birthday parties, and Halloween, and birthday parties, and Thanksgiving, and birthday parties, and Christmas - I am going to have no money and no time and no sanity left come January. :)

I have no Christmas shopping done - this time last year I had everyone but my kids done. I have made no definite plans for my son's birthday...which is a week and 1/2 away. I have a paper to write and submit by Sunday evening and then a big huge one due on Dec. 10th, or around there somewhere. I am sure that this will all get done and I will be just fine...but argh.

Okay - done venting. I just didn't have anything else to post about and felt like writing. I'll now have to post about my GG savings, too!