Getting old (er)

11/24/2008 09:05:00 AM

It's not that I didn't believe my parents when they told me that after 30 you have a lot more little aches and pains. I figured they were right...they usually are. However, I now UNDERSTAND what they meant. Little things that I would bounce back from quicker are starting to nag at me a lot longer. Today it's my hip.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping with Nate - it was a little better than going shopping with both kids...but I still had to threaten and bribe him to keep him in the cart. Before I got into the car I felt my hip "pop". Then it started to annoy me a little. It was just sore. By the end of the night it was stiff and sore...this morning it was stiff, sore, accompanied by shooting pain down my leg. I took some Advil, a hot shower, and am trying one of those WellPatch heat things on it - but nothing seems to really be doing much other than taking the edge off. Argh.

That's when it hit me - my parents were right, again. After 30 things start to linger a little more and be a bit more of a "deal" than before 30. It probably doesn't help that I lug 2 30 + lb. kids around on a daily basis...I mean they can walk down the steps...but why would they when Mama can carry them? Well - I need to get my butt up off this chair and my chocolate milk addict is calling for his latest fix. :)

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