The differences . . .

9/06/2011 05:25:00 PM

I am not worried about Danika.  However, it is hard to avoid comparing my children to one another.  They are only 14 months apart.  So, the stuff that Danika is doing now . . . Nate just did last year.  Here's where this is all coming from - Danika had homework.

Danika this morning - on her first day of school
Preschool homework is pretty least that is what I thought when Nate brought his letter bag home and we searched the web for pictures of things that started with that letter.  I remember how Nate would spout out so many words I had trouble helping him find the pictures fast enough . . . then, there is Danika.

Me:  Danika, we need to find some pictures of things that start with the letter A.

Danika:  Like Ice Cream?

Me:  No, Ice Cream starts with an I.  We are looking for words that make the (insert a sounds here).

Danika:  Like a car?

Me:  Listen to me . . . A..A...Apple.  A...A...Alligator.  See?

Danika: How about a picture of a balloon like the one for Dean and David's Birthday?

Yep.  No comparing there!

Speaking of Dean and David's Birthday . . . here's some unedited pictures of when they turned two on Sunday.

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