The anticipation is sometimes more fun...

7/30/2010 01:42:00 PM

but I plan on enjoying next week to the fullest of my ability.  I have high hopes for our "stay-cation" but I'm also open to being quite flexible.  You have to be flexible when you have 11 month old twins, a 3 year old and a 4 year old to contend with.  However, tomorrow is the last day I will be wrestling with these little buggers by myself in the morning  for an entire week!  It will also be the most Jerry and I will be home together since the twins were born.  I'm looking forward to just enjoying the week - come what may.  I want to take a lot of pictures with my crappy camera (I really, really need a better camera).  I want to write quick notes about what the momentous moments were - funny things the kids say - all the things that make me smile...I'll leave out the times I want to rip my hair out ~ I have high hopes, but I'm not unrealistic!  :)  I want to throw them all together in a Snapfish photo book or something of the like.  I want to capture this week because my kids will never be this age together again and we'll never have a full week with nothing to do as a family with our kids this age again.

We do have some plans.  We have some out of town relatives coming up to see us (they say they want to see us but I know they really want to see our babies!  hehehe).  We also have a trip to Kennywood Park planned for one day...the zoo another...maybe the Carnegie Science Center another day or the Pittsburgh Children's Museum.  Wednesday is our stay at home day (although I may sneak out with my bigger kids to the pool and meet my friend, Jody and her kiddos).

Now that I've told you what our tentative plans will just have to wait and see how it all plays out.  Hopefully, I will have some time to catch you up on what is going on...but if I don't you can expect a lengthy blog post the following week.  :)

Oh...and before I go I would like to rant about Verizon Wireless for a minute.  They have the best coverage in the area.  I know that.  But they haven't been very accommodating to me as of late.  My husband is the primary number on our account and I am the secondary.  They offered him a great deal to switch from his BlackBerry Storm (which has been NOTHING but trouble from the first month) to a Droid.  I also have a BlackBerry Storm (I'm actually getting my 3rd one because I've had it replaced twice already because the touchscreen wasn't working once and because I couldn't get any text messages another time) but they wouldn't give me the same deal on the Droid because I'm not the primary line.  The thing is it just doesn't make sense for Verizon to not give me some kind of deal on a Droid...maybe I sound like I'm whining a bit (you didn't see me pouting and stomping my feet around like a 3 year old yesterday!) but I'm not asking for a free one.  I just want a discount...because retail price is too much for this part-time working momma.  I think we've been pretty loyal customers and give them enough money monthly for us to get a bit of a break.

Truth be told, it would be cheaper for me to pay the $175 deactivation fee and then get my own plan (with a Droid for $149) than it would be to pay full retail price.  I could also just get one off of Ebay with all the accessories - I saw one with the car mount and a docking station for like $285.  I've even thought about switching carriers and trying to snag an iPhone...worth it?  Either way, I will probably be doing one of those things and selling the Storm they are sending me.  Don't suppose any of you are interested in a smartphone that is truly a Pain in the A**?  :)

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