Big night last night!

5/23/2009 06:02:00 AM

Yesterday was not a great day - it was hot...which really sucked. It was also one of those days where I really really wanted to take a nap. My daughter had completely different plans - so, I didn't get my nap. I was frustrated and agitated with two cranky kids to entertain. So, I decided we would move Danika's bed into Nate's room...just because I needed to do SOMETHING productive.

So, we moved some furniture in and out of Nate's room...I put together Danika's brand new (not really brand new - it's a hand me down from a friend) toddler bed and set it up in Nate's room. Nate's room became Nate and Danika's room - Danika's room is a disaster, but is now closer to being a nursery for the twins than it was yesterday.

They were excited about the new set-up...I was a little nervous. The crib was still set up in case we needed a few hours of sleep and Danika wasn't diggin' the new bed. They did great, though!

Danika did scream her head off for about 10 was a tough 10 minutes of me just putting her back into bed and her getting right back out...and me putting her back in...etc. But for some reason after about 10 minutes she just stopped! I don't know why or what did it, but I'm not going to question it. :)

So, after they were both in their beds and not crying it took a little over an hour for them to fall asleep. They talked to each other a little bit...tried to make each other laugh a lot...and finally both fell asleep. During that time I sat in an extremely uncomfortable chair right outside their door reading my book club book, "One Fifth Avenue" by Candace Bushnell. I've been doing this for the past few days with Nate anyway. He use to only fall asleep with the TV on - now he falls asleep without the TV, but I have to sit where he can see me. I'll take it for now - hopefully he'll be able to fall asleep without me there by the time the twins get here. Hopefully, they both will.

I am happy with how things went last night, though. Nate woke up once and Danika woke up once. Danika around 11:30 and Nate around 4:00 am - Jerry put both of them back into their bed and they both fell back asleep. Danika slept until 7 and Nate until 8 this morning. :)

I really needed last night to be a success. I was starting to feel like a failure mom yesterday. I had lost all my patience, was tired, and really had no motivation to deal with my kids. So, yesterday's little "win" left me feeling like I can do this. There will be days where we simply get through the day...then their will be other days/moments where we are doing great! I couldn't stop giving my little ones extra hugs and kisses this morning for making me feel like a better mom than I felt like during the day. :) Thanks kiddos!

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