April Fools Day

4/01/2009 08:13:00 PM

Okay - so I actually didn't fall for any April Fools jokes today. However, I was kind of struck by how text messaging has made the art of fooling someone on April Fools Day sort of unimportant. Now anyone can send you a text and get you good - or if you are like me...at least make you think about it.

Case in point, my brother-in-law sends me a text today, "Lorrie called...looks like we are going to need that crib back..." Hmm...now, my sister-in-law physically could be pregnant. It's unlikely, though. I didn't hear him say these words so I can't tell you if he sounded like he was telling the truth or not...that makes this way too easy for him. I am then faced with the decision - A) Do I bite and then have him think that I am gullible just to avoid possibly offending him if he is in fact expecting another child? B) Do I call his bluff right away and then apologize like crazy if my gut instinct is correct? C) Do I make a joke back to him and, if it is an April Fools Day prank, have him trying to decide if I got it or not? It was a tough decision. However, I have a really hard time with my brother-in-law being 1 up on me...so I kind of called his bluff. I sent back, "Did you tell Jerry (my DH) yet? I'll let him decide if we should fall for this one or not. :)" He responded with, "Jerry fell for it hard - kinda figured you wouldn't."

Now, I have no problems with April Fools Day pranks. My friend in High School, Marci, once called me to tell me that her parents told her she had to move far away. I don't remember where but I do remember her calling me on the phone and telling me. She actually pretended she was too upset to talk and was "crying" on the phone. Her acting made me believe every word and I was more upset because she was moving than I was when that guy I dated Freshman year dumped me for a skank and then, after we got back together for a few months, dumped me for a taller skank with horrible teeth. When she called to tell me it was an April Fools Day prank I could have killed her...but I'll tell you what, she had talent. :)

This could be the beginning of a very long rant about how technology has totally screwed with the way things should be - but it would be a hypocritical one. There are sooo many things I love about technology. I love texting. I love that I can check on my kids while I'm working and no one will notice. I love that I can remind my husband he needs to pick something up on his way home before I forget yet without interrupting his day. I love the Internet. I love that any question I could possibly have I can find out the answer to...I also love that I can keep in touch with people so much easier and more often. So, you see I do love technology...but there are so many concerns I have about kids who don't know what it's like to not have some of these things. My number 1 pet peeve - text language. I hate the abbreviations...the missing words...the whole disregard for grammar. I hate it for a lot of reasons and I have to wonder if it's having an impact on student work in High Schools. I read an article, though - in some woman's magazine - about how a mother didn't understand the language and lingo of her teenage daughter. The daughter would look at her with those eyes of embarrassment when she would use words like "cool" or "dope" (I can honestly say I've never used the word dope in my life). This meant that her irritation with the whole texting thing was a product of her being old. (At least that's the message I got from the article.) Monday, I will turn 32...when I was 10 years old, 32 was really old. So...maybe that's it. Maybe I'm old. I still think that April Fools pranks over text message are kind of lame. hehehe

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